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Vaughan Condos Price Per Square Foot Rankings

Vaughan Condos: Price Per Square Foot Rankings

Not all condos are created equally. Neither are the various floor plans and models.

vaughan condo priceIt’s very important to understand that average prices are not a great indicator for the average buyer or seller to rely upon. Condo unit prices depend an a number of factors that are far more important than simply the condos size. One of the most important factors is the layout. A great layout can make a smaller unit more attractive to a buyer and encourage a higher sale price. Additional factors may include the units views, which may help increase the value or hurt if depending on if its open towards great scenery or if it might be facing the neighbours window, or even worse, looking at a dirty dumpster. Also, units come with different finishes, appliances and ceiling heights – all very important pricing factors when looking at buying and selling a condo.

Average price per square foot fails to take into consideration a buyers emotions, which have a great deal to do with how fast a unit will sell and for what amount that unit will sell for.

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Rank Condominium AVG$/SQ.FT
1 75-85-95 North Park Road – The Fountains $708
2 7608 Yonge St – Minto WaterGarden $664
3 Bellaria Residence – Tower IV $653
4 Central Park Condos and Towns $631
5 Bellaria Tower  $630
6 Bellaria Residences $629
7 Volare Condos $629
8 Vista Parc Condos $624
9 Vista at Thornhill City Centre $623
10 The Beverley at Thornhill City Centre $614
11 Allegra Condos $614
12 Piazza Woodbridge Residences $609
13 Renaissance Court $600
14 Highlands of Woodbridge $592
15 Courtyards of Maple $590
16 Eiffel Towers  $582
17 Residences of Promenade Park $577
18 250 Pine Grove Rd $576
19 The Conservatory $566
20 La Viva Towns $562
21 Terraces On The Park $561
22 Eiffel Towers $539
23 Park Lane Condominiums $538
24 Villa Giardino  $536
25 Townsgate Condominium  $535
26 Skyrise on Yonge $522
27 Park Terrace $518
28 Park Terrace  $518
29 Royal Promenade  $494
30 The Terraces of Woodbridge $491
31 Springside Place $484
32 Plaza Del Sol $480
33 Central Park On Yonge $478
34 Ambria-Country Estate Condos $472
35 Residence of Beauclaire $471
36 7 Townsgate $470
37 9944 Keele Street Condos $464
38 7460 Bathurst – Promenade Towers $458
39 7601 Bathurst Condo $453
40 Villa Giardino  $451
41 7440 Bathurst – Promenade Towers $451
42 The Palladium $410

*Price per square foot is generated by calculating each condo buildings most recent sales data. Each condo building requires at least two sales.


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