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Toronto | Neighbourhood Guide

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From Lake Ontario on the South, to Steeles Avenue on the north, Toronto has it all.

Often described as the world’s melting pot, Toronto and the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area) is seen as a safe, economically viable place to grow a family – and for good reason. Not only is Toronto a world class metropolis, it also continuously ranks best in the world for a variety of social-economic issues. In fact, just this year, Toronto was chosen as the eighth best city in the world in the 2013 Anholt-GfK City Brands Index. The same index boasts Toronto and the GTA as the second friendliest and fourth safest in the world among a list of 50 cities worldwide.

Toronto’s Neighbourhoods

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The Annex Toronto MapThe Annex is one of Toronto’s most in demand neighbourhoods. Home to UofT, Honest Ed’s and a slew of cheap eateries and newly minted restaurants, living in this area requires no vehicle as walking will be your main mode of transportation. The area features great public transportation including subway access. Home’s in the Annex we’re originally built in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s, with many of the homes being replaced in the time since. The Annex has seen house prices climb in recent years, as the young start to build families and opt for remodeling these homes due to the tremendous benefits they find in living in this neighbourhood. Homes in the Annex range anywhere between the $700,000’s to well over a million.


Toronto’s condo communities

CityPlace Toronto neighbourhood mapCityPlace is Toronto’s largest residential community ever constructed. Comprised of a series of condominium towers built between 2004-2013, Cityplace is home to the young and free, largely under 35 crowd. CityPlace is located withyin walking distance to the Harbourfront, Rogers Centre, King West, Fort York, Liberty Village and Toronto’s Financial District. Condo’s for sale in the various CityPlace buildings average $366,189 as of late 2013.




Liberty Village Toronto Neighbourhood mapLiberty Village has been one of Toronto’s fastest growing communities. Young, trendy, dog-friendly and very hip; Liberty Village offers its residents a local community lifestyle with its live and work character. Web companies and telecoms have set up shop here to bring work closer to home. The neighbourhood features many shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, studios and office space, many of which are reformed factories that used to line the neighbourhood including the world famous Irwin Toy Factory. The crowd here is under 35 and very pet-friendly. Condo’s here average $375,222 as of late 2013.





The most educated? Yes, Toronto is much of the reason why Canada has taken first place worldwide on a list of the most educated countries. It’s no surprise thought that Toronto and the GTA is the primary reason for that success. With an abundance of some of the most coveted educational institutions found anywhere on the planet, its almost expected.