moving to vaughan ontario relocation

Moving to Vaughan – A Step-By-Step Guide to Relocating to Vaughan

If you’re looking to make a move to Vaughan, you probably have some questions about what you need to consider! Here we have constructed a step-by-step guide that aims to help you through the process of moving to Vaughan.  

moving to vaughan ontario relocation

The city of Vaughan in Ontario, Canada, is becoming a very popular place for people to live and work. The city is conveniently close to the US-Canada border, a mere 10 minutes away from Toronto Pearson International Airport, and has some of the best malls and entertainment complexes in all of Canada. Many Canadian and international companies have chosen to base their Canadian (or global) headquarters in Vaughan, making it a cheaper and more laid back alternative to the nearby city of Toronto.  
If you’re looking to make a move to Vaughan, you probably have some questions about what you need to consider! Here we have constructed a step-by-step guide that aims to help you through the process of moving to Vaughan.   

STEP 1 – Look into different Vaughan areas 

Vaughan offers an eclectic mix of neighbourhoods and living areas, all of which have their own unique pros and cons in terms of their location, topography, amenities, and transportation links. 
Do you want the quiet suburban life Kleinburg? The diverse and developed community life of Thornhill? Or perhaps you want to live in the well-developed Maple area, which features efficient transport links and is very close to Wonderland, Canada’s largest theme park.  
Whatever you’re looking for, you need to be sure to research the local area and ensure that it has all the amenities you need nearby. Those with children should look into districts with reputable schools nearby and perhaps some playground or parks, for example. 
Conduct thorough research and be sure to choose neighbourhoods that satisfy your requirements in terms of work, entertainment, lifestyle, family, and convenience. 

STEP 2 – Get in touch with a Vaughan-based realtor 

Working with an experienced Vaughan realtor allows you to narrow down your potential properties into a shortlist, using the realtor’s local knowledge about the communities and amenities to guide your home-buying decision appropriately. If you have no current idea of where you want to live in Vaughan, a realtor will be able to provide you with recommendations based on your desired house size, house style, price range, nearby amenities, and other helpful information based on your business and personal life. 
Vaughan realtors are paid when a sale goes through, by the Seller, so there’s no need to worry about calling up a realtor for some advice – its completely free for you.

Our Vaughan real estate agents have been awarded best real estate team in Vaughan in the Readers Choice Awards, 3 years in a row and would be happy to discuss your goals and what your next steps are when moving to Vaughan.

STEP 3 – Be pre-approved by a Vaughan mortgage broker 

If you require a loan in order to purchase your Vaughan home, then you ideally need to speak with a Vaughan mortgage broker early on. Despite the common myths you may have heard, getting early pre-approval for a mortgage does not harm your credit rating. Any mortgage broker worth their salt will be able to advise you on a loan program that best suits your circumstances, and will be able to help you with the mortgage process itself should you move to your desired property. 
Being pre-approved for a mortgage makes you a more appealing potential buyer, as the seller of the house you’re after already has confirmation that you are an eligible and serious buyer. It may take some time, but getting pre-approved early could be the difference that makes a buyer sell their home to you over a person with a similar offer who is not pre-approved by a mortgage broker. 

Need a Vaughan mortgage broker, shoot us an email.

STEP 4 – Get your priorities in order 

Sometimes there will be a few homes that all look appealing to you, meaning that you end up being unsure about where to spend your money. In this situation, consider the things that are most important to you, perhaps making a “pros and cons” list for all the potential properties you may want to buy. 
For example, if you’re looking to start a family, are schools important to you? If you’re passionate about your career, is commute time important to you? Would you prefer to live in a well-connected urban area or a more laid back and sparse suburban area? Would you like to be able to walk to your local amenities, rather than drive everywhere all the time? 
Lots of things could sway these kinds of decisions, but it’s important to not neglect any of them! Buying a house is one of the biggest (and most expensive) commitments you will ever make, so you need to be sure that the home you buy will suit your requirements both now and in many years to come. 

STEP 5 – Narrow down your Vaughan neighbourhoods 

As aforementioned, Vaughan has a range of districts and neighbourhoods, all with their own urban and suburban feels. Although plenty of them may look appealing, it’s time to start getting down to the nitty-gritty and really picking out the best areas. If plenty of the areas you are looking at are similar (for example, if they’re all suburbs) then consider which ones have the most affordable housing prices, or which ones are close to reputable schools and shopping malls or grocery stores. It may be worth creating a list that organises your potential neighbourhoods from “favourite” to “least favourite”, allowing you to move down the list if you cannot afford or buy a house from your “number 1 favourite” neighbourhood.  

STEP 6 – Use an email home search 

If you ask them to, your Vaughan realtor will get you set up on an email home search. This means that you will be automatically informed about potential properties in your desired Vaughan neighbourhoods, allowing you to assess potential properties as they become available on the market.  
Receiving email alerts is very useful, as it means you aren’t wasting precious time by searching manually through listings all the time to see what pops up. An email home search makes sure that you don’t miss any properties that come up in your desired Vaughan neighbourhoods – no one wants to miss out on the home of their dreams! 

STEP 7 – Visit your preferred neighbourhoods in person 

It’s essential to scout your new potential neighbourhoods, especially if you’ve never visited them yourself before. Realtors and people selling their homes are obviously going to “big up” any neighbourhood they’re selling within, and photos can always be deceptive or misleading. Driving through your potential new neighbourhoods can often provide you with all the information you need. 
Visiting your preferred neighbourhoods in person can be a great way to narrow down your shortlist or reorganize your order of preferences. Be sure to conduct a scouting trip to Vaughan if you’re thinking about buying a house here – it will be worth the investment and time!  

STEP 8 – Explore Vaughan itself too! 

Vaughan has seen its population triple in recent years, and for good reason too! The city is home to numerous malls, businesses, entertainment complexes, and attractions. It can be exhausting (and sometimes boring) to drive around suburbs and neighbourhoods all day long, so be sure to visit some of Vaughan’s top sights and attractions. After all, you want to know what your potential new home is going to offer, don’t you? 
Canada’s Wonderland, one of Canada’s biggest theme parks, is situated in Vaughan, along with the famous Yonge Street, complete with shops and restaurants galore. Splash Works, one of Canada’s largest water-parks, is also situated in Vaughan, which may be attractive to families with young children. The city also has its more cultured attractions, including the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, which features national art from native Canadians throughout the ages, and the Boyd Conservation Area, which is a weekend-only conservation park perfect for picnics and scenic walks.  

STEP 9 – Finalize your favourite areas in Vaughan 

After seeing your potential new neighbourhoods in Vaughan, it often becomes incredibly easy to narrow down your favourites and make those tough decisions. When you’re looking at the areas (both at home and in person) be sure to make notes about the pros and cons, as this will make it easier to distinguish them from one another later on. It can also be easy to forget certain negative (or positive) things about a neighbourhood if you don’t write them down, so it’s always a good idea to do so. 

STEP 10 – Move to Vaughan! 

Though it’s not quite THAT simple, a reliable Vaughan realtor can help you through this process and make your relocation as easy and seamless as possible. They will create a bespoke plan for you that details the steps of your mortgage and buying process, and can provide invaluable advice about housing in the local area. Get in touch with a well-reviewed and reputable Vaughan realtor in order to buy a house and start making your dreams a reality!  

Ready to Move to Vaughan?

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Ilan Joseph is a Real Estate Broker with Sutton Group and is co-founder of a 10-person award-winning Toronto, Thornhill and Vaughan real estate team. Since 2002, Ilan has been privileged to advise and service thousands of buyers and sellers, enabling them to reach their real estate goals.