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Finding the Right Realtor is Like Finding the Right Doctor

By Ilan Joseph, Broker, ABR®, e-PRO®, AMP® | © All rights reserved

choosing the right realtorYour parents Realtor may not be the specialist for you. Anyone whos had a health issue that requires more than just a visit to your general practitioner will know that seeing your family doctor is just the first step on our way to one or more specialists by referral. Just like healthcare, the real estate industry also runs on referrals and specialists. The referral helps put you into the care of the right person who can help you with your specific needs.
Realtors can act as general practitioners, or can specialize in various niches within the real estate industry. For instance, when you think of a realtor, you may automatically think of someone who sells homes, but there are those who have never sold a home. They may sell or lease commercial or industrial space or perhaps they specialize in investment properties. Even within these fields there are even more specializations. For example, a realtor who specializes in investment properties can more specifically work with only cash flow properties, or only businesses for sale, perhaps they are the best at apartment buildings or medical centres. The list is endless.

choosing a real estate agentHaving been referred to my first doctor by my parents, i really had no choice who I would be seeing every time I got sick. Once that doctor retired, I kind of just hopped around from Walk in clinic to walk in clinic whenever I needed to see a doctor.
The same exists with Realtors, who are often referred by a parent. Although this can be a great referral source as the Realtor may have worked with your family and could have proven to be a valuable confidant, they may be from a generation that is not in line with whats required of todays top specialists when it comes to marketing and sales techniques for the digital age. You would be surprised how many Realtors don't know the difference between a PDF and a USB.
If you are looking for a great realtor who sells many homes in your area, speak to others who have sold and see if a name or two keep coming up. These referrals are great at helping you decide on a reliable and trustworthy realtor who will help you achieve you real estate needs. The next step is to set up a meeting.
You should meet them at their office
• Do they have a real office or do they work out of a makeshift room in their home? 
• Is there business presented successfully and in a professional manner?
• These questions usually tell you how serious the Realtor is about the industry
Build a Relationship with Your Realtor - Think of Them as a Business Partner
When meeting with the realtor, explain what you're looking for and let them know that you'd like to find the right agent to build a long term relationship in real estate based on trust. Be sure to bring in some questions to ask the realtor.
Here are few:
• How many homes have you sold in the past month/year/career?
• What is the real estate market like in my neighbourhood? Do you have statistics or data to support that?
• Have you personally invested in real estate? If so, where and why?
• Do you have any concerns about the real estate market in the short/long term?
• Do you have a marketing plan?
• Why would working with you benefit me over working with another realtor?
• Whats the most complicated transaction youve ever had to put together?
• Do you currently manage any properties? How many?
• Are you able to show me exclusive listings and those that are not on MLS?
• Can you guarantee the sale of my house for a certain price?
These simple questions will help you weed out the agent you want to work with from the agent you don't. Know what it is youre looking for. Be specific and straightforward, just as you would be with your doctor.
Building a solid relationship with a realtor you trust will help you time and time again. They will be the person you bounce your real estate ideas off of before you actually know what it is you want to do. They will help you narrow down your options and research the most beneficial opportunity for you. Just like any solid business, having great communication is essential.
Speak to your friends and family, research and look for referrals from happy clients, they'll lead you in the right direction.The agent you choose must feel right, must give you the confidence you need to make informed decision and will be honest with you when they think the decision you're about to make is not the right one.

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