real estate client guarantee

The Ilan Joseph Team’s Happiness Guarantee

We treat our clients damn good… and that’s why we’re so successful!

client guaranteeMy father taught me to always do more than you get paid for. If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time & good service towards a client, you can make a fortune.

In a sea of real estate agents, success can only be achieved by differentiating yourself from the crowd, by pushing above and beyond a client’s expectations. We don’t just want to make you a happy buyer or seller, we want to impress you to the point that you’re telling your friends and family about the service you received, and we never want you to forget how you felt when you received it. We’re not looking for a “one deal stand”; we’re aiming to be your lifelong Realtors.



  • PROVIDE YOU WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE by doing everything in our power to ensure all the details of your transaction – whether it’s buying or selling – is well looked after.
  • TREAT YOUR TIME AND MONEY LIKE OUR TIME AND MONEYWe will move mountains to work around your schedule – day or night, and since we love our money, we’ll love yours too and make sure it’s spent the right way.
  • ALWAYS DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE by following through on our word and working aggressively in order to achieve the best results possible.
  • RESPOND QUICKLY to your questions, emails, text messages and phone calls.
  • COMMUNICATE every step of the way, so you’re always updated on what’s going on.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE AND TRANSPARENT. We believe it’s fundamental for a great customer service experience. All cards will always be on the table. 
  • BE HONEST and give you a dose of reality when you need it. If we believe you’re falling in love with a home for the wrong reasons, or that you are overlooking something that may adversely affect your position in the future, we’ll make it very clear to you.
  • LISTEN TO YOU. With surveys, reviews and an initial questionnaire that allows us to identify exactly what it is you want and need to achieve your real estate goals.
  • OFFER ONGOING SUPPORT AND SERVICE, well beyond the closing date. You’ll find that many agents see the closing date of your home as the end of their ‘transaction’ with you until the next time you’re ready to buy and sell again. The Ilan Joseph Team has set up a client-centric system that allows us to continuously offer you value well beyond your closing date.

We see our clients not as transactions, but as relationships that can be strengthened and built upon. A partnership, if you will… and we REALLY love making our partners happy!

IMG_0080 bwIlan Joseph is a Real Estate Broker with Sutton Group and is co-founder of a 10-person award-winning Toronto, Thornhill and Vaughan real estate team.

You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

For over 11 years, Ilan has provided more than 1550 buyers and sellers valued advice and service, enabling them to reach their real estate goals.

He’s kind of like the Bruce Willis of real estate.