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Meet Alex and See How He’s Making 33% Investing in Toronto Real Estate

By Ilan Joseph, Broker, ABR®, e-PRO®, AMP® |
February 6, 2014 | © All rights reserved


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See how Alex is making over 33% investing in Toronto Real Estate over the next 5 years!

  Alex is a small business owner living in Vaughan with his wife and 2 young kids. Alex was disappointed with the dismal returns he was getting year after year investing in the stock market and the mere 1% the bank was giving him to hold onto his money. Alex understood that he would need to change his investment strategy if he wanted anything to really build wealth. He started doing some research online on the Toronto real estate market and quickly found his way to “I feel like I read every single article you wrote”, said Alex in an email to me. Over the next few weeks Alex had educated himself on the investment opportunities I had presented him along with all aspects of being a Landlord. Today, Alex is making 33.55% every year with his first investment property.

Want to know exactly how Alex did it?

I helped Alex find a 490 square foot studio apartment on King West which Alex purchased for $215,000. We were quickly able to rent it out for him for $1,475 per month with the tenant paying their own utilities. All Alex must do now is deposit the monthly rent cheques and watch as his mortgage gets paid down while the value of his property steadily climbs. More revenue than expenses means Alex is seeing “positive cash flow”, a term you want to get to know very well in real estate investing. Now I’m going to show you exactly how for the next 5 years, Alex expects to see over 33% average annual Return on Investment (ROI):  

investing in toronto real estate

  Amazing right? Not only are these figures realistic, they are investor friendly due to how conservative they are - property values have gone up an average of 5.5% annually over the past 55 years! In five years not only would Alex have made 33.55% annually, he will also have a condo that’s now worth significantly more which he can choose to sell or continue renting out! This is how people like you could build wealth. Real estate in the long run has always remained the best investment. Factoring in all the “bubbles” and recessions, Real Estate has still out preformed virtually all other investment platforms. Alex has since invested in another unit and expects to purchase a third in 2014. I’m excited to be a part of his success story. Do you want to see stable growth from your hard earned money? Do you want to be able to sleep at night instead up worrying about how your investment is preforming in the stock market? It’s time to write your success story!
"Ilan has been instrumental to my success in real estate investing. He was very knowledgeable about the entire process and clearly explained what I should prepare myself for every step of the way. Not once did I feel in the dark – his communication with me was excellent. He made my first investment purchase feel easy and my family and I are truly grateful for his hard work." - Alex K

Here is an older video I posted on YouTube on how to make money investing in preconstruction condos.

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